Last weekend a few of us foggy city dwellers packed our cars with firewood, sleeping bags, and lovingly made but melting mint cake, for a road trip down the coast to Big Sur for some birthday celebrations. I’m not sure if it means that I’m getting older or younger, when all I wanted to do for my birthday was climb trees, maneuver over rocks through icy streams, and drink bud light lime stare at the ocean. Thank you to my wonderful friends for spending the weekend roughing it in the woods, and eating numerous tortilla-required meals with me.

IMG_1887 IMG_1897IMG_1915 IMG_1914 IMG_1909 IMG_1904 IMG_1903 IMG_1898

The first night, four of us stayed at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park. We woke up Saturday morning surrounded by Redwoods, and hung out on some boulders in the middle of the stream while we drank our morning coffee. The next night we set up camp at Limekiln State Park, with a camp site that sat right on the ocean. California is the best.


Below, behold the most awkward, self-timer group shot. But it’s the whole crew! I couldn’t deny you that.