Before we let summer completely slip through our fingers, I figured I would give you one more splash of blue before you forget what the color looks like.


Over Labor Day weekend, we road-tripped to Crater Lake, Oregon.  On our way up from San Francisco, we made a quick pit stop in Chico with Rachel’s family on Friday night, and then headed north toward the pink skies at dawn.  We spent Saturday night camping at the Crater Lake campground, and Sunday night at Diamond Lake.  I’m not going to attempt and explain how incredible this place was; I’ll just let my camera do the rest of the narration for this post.

IMG_6174IMG_6188IMG_5435 IMG_5475 IMG_5509 IMG_5520 IMG_5552 IMG_5559 IMG_5568IMG_5633IMG_5649IMG_5661IMG_5638IMG_5671 IMG_5681 IMG_5698 IMG_5707 IMG_5737 copy IMG_5746 IMG_5750 IMG_5774 IMG_5796 IMG_5824IMG_5588IMG_5845IMG_5852 IMG_5862 IMG_5866IMG_5878 IMG_5893 IMG_5900 IMG_5913 IMG_5934 IMG_5945 IMG_5951 IMG_5955 IMG_5964 IMG_6061  IMG_6104 IMG_6131 IMG_6158 IMG_6162 IMG_6166IMG_6113IMG_6116

Additions to this post that the photos can’t speak for: Yes, that water was extremely cold, but it didn’t stop me from swimming in that Pantone blue water until I was on the verge of hypothermia. Also, pro tip: next time you go camping, make burritos, wrap them in tin foil and throw those babies on the fire for 10 minutes. You’re welcome.


P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIMMY! Love you like s’mores loves Reese’s.