A few weeks ago, I snuck back to the East Coast to surprise my family and join them out in Montauk for the week.  They were under the impression that my new work schedule was the governing force behind me staying put in SF, but in reality, it was sauvignon blanc in the hammock and Navy Beach that was the true guiding light.  I was able to spend one night in Manhattan to quickly catch up with some pals, and then my brother and I drove east all the way to The End.  Each day mainly consisted of waking up whenever I felt like, replacing my morning energy source of coffee with jumping off the dock into the Atlantic, drying off on our bike ride home before pancakes, alternating reading and swimming in the ocean, a strict routine of 4 PM hammock + wine + book, dinner at home, mini golf, and bed by 9:30 PM.

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On our first night there we got our forage on and collected mussels that were anchored to the dock posts. We scrubbed off their barnacles and seaweed, and then steamed them with butter, garlic, shallots, white wine, and parsley. It was one of those meals that I will be remembering for a long time.

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It was a week where everything felt right; I was able to be totally present, and just enjoy hanging out with the family. I feel incredibly grateful to have a home in a place that makes me feel so complete, and reminds me of what is important in my life.  Sometimes you just have to book it, even if it does cost you an arm and a leg. That 4 PM wine in the hammock regimen cannot be beat. The company was alright too.

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Hats off to a great week, fambly!