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we went up to chico this past weekend (about 3 hours north of san francisco) to visit rachel’s mom.  on our drive up I insisted we make a pit stop after spotting those outrageous blooming almond trees.  it was a great weekend full of road trip snacks, mix cd’s, clipping arugula in the garden for that evenings salad, beer tasting at sierra nevada, a cocktail called the gold rush, wine, homemade cherry pie, wine again, some well deserved chipotle, and more than one (aka two) near death experiences. well ok, I tend to exaggerate things a little BUT word to the wise: don’t try to travel down a very steep one way narrow dirt road on the side of mountain while it’s raining… in a manual car, and don’t go to a clothing optional natural hot spring. I think that is all I can elaborate on regarding the latter, but I feel justified in making that blanket statement.

a huge thanks to shirley for hosting us wacky kids!