Yikes, what a blog detour.  Let’s just ignore this awkward 6 week absence, and look at some pretty pix.  Mmmk, good chat. I’m going to back up a few weeks, and see if I can eventually catch you up to current times.  First up, our weekend in Aptos, CA.


Aptos is a barefoot-encouraged, sleepy little beach town about 2 hours south of SF.  Our good friend Joe was celebrating a big birthday, and he so kindly invited me and a few of our rowdy friends to join his family and Shelby (his GF/one of my BFFs) at the beach.  My flowery writing skills have rusted up a bit, so I’ll just say this: we had a really good time.  The beach is pretty, local bars make for great games of pool stick limbo, roller coasters are fun, and I really love my friends. Photo proof below.

IMG_8475IMG_8477 IMG_8480 IMG_8481 IMG_8492 IMG_8522 IMG_8533 IMG_8563 IMG_8569 IMG_8577 IMG_8590 IMG_8617 IMG_8667 IMG_8672 IMG_8684IMG_8695 IMG_8704 IMG_8707

Happy Birthday Joe. You and your family rock.