In an effort to drag out my (now long lost) vacation, I only recently edited the photos from my time back east in Montauk.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with the MTK, it’s a little beach town at the end of Long Island, New York, where my family has been vacationing since my brother was big enough to fit in a lobster pot.

In this surfer, bare-feet-encouraged town, the food tastes sweeter, deep breaths reach deeper, and the sun feels brighter.  I don’t know if it’s possible for these rectangular glimpses into my favorite place on earth really convey how I feel, but it’s worth a shot (see what I did there?).  Prepare yourself for more than seventeen two photos of cotton candy colored sunsets.

IMG_8260IMG_8264IMG_8273 IMG_8279IMG_8307IMG_8310IMG_8315IMG_8330dadsdinogurneysherbbouqmorningpicklesthedockIMG_8339IMG_8349IMG_8365

(the above is a behind the scenes shot of my photo assistants who insist on setting up shots for me)


On this short trip, I was obviously able to spend too much a lot of time with my family, and so I just want to say: Dexter (I’m not sure he even reads this thing – I’m not sure anyone reads this thing anymore), you’ve grown up to be such a cool person who makes me laugh like a sugar-high 4 year old. The most recent commencement speech (given at none other than Syracuse University) reminded me of you. You’re doing surprisingly well at this whole life thing and I’m really proud of you, bro (and mom and dad? Inherently, you’re cool too).

And one last thing, I’m glad we’re such photogenic kids who make our parents proud.


OK fine, here’s a nice one.


See you guys soon.  More beach photos (west coast!) to come.