Flying across the country has its perks, and no, i”m not talking about the free animal crackers Jet Blue gives me to munch on as I catch up on the latest episodes of Real Housewives. I’m talking about hopping off the plane before reaching the Atlantic, and taking a weekend-long layover in Chicago.


Bridget was in her home town for a wedding, so I figured I’d crash her wedding weekend and spend a day or two visiting this new city. I recommend making friends with locals, they tend to know where all the good stuff is; and when I say good stuff I obviously I mean restaurants.  Favorites include Little Goat Diner


Big Star (with pre-dinner drinks at The Violet Hour across the street),


and Antique Taco (as recommended and accompanied by my Aunt Kelly, who was wonderful to finally spend some QT with). 


I spent the majority of the day Saturday wandering The Chicago Institute of Art (and drooling over the modern wing).

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Not only is Chicago able to boast about their food, architecture, and art but as it turns out, it also has some pretty cool people to boast about too. Thanks for having me in your big city, C-fam!


Next up: photos from Montauk and my (too little) time in New York.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!