Hey, hey. Thought you lost me, did you?  I know, my blog is pretty good at playing dead.

I feel like I don’t even know who I am after being absent for over a month here. I mean, how will anyone know I’m still cool if I’m not validated by my Insta-inspired filtered photos of my friends laughing on the beach with extra negative space for emphasis? It’s been rough on my ego, I’ll tell you that much (enter winky emotican face here).

I’m currently home in New York on vacation with my family in Montauk, hence the extra blogging time. While in San Francisco, I’m realizing my free time is limited, and any extra I can find is spent quickly changing after work before running out to a kickball game or dinner with friends… I guess there goes my legitimate blog absence excuse. Now that’s it’s officially August (?!?), I’d like to bombard you with photos from two really exceptional weekends* in July.


The Fourth was split between the city and up in Sonoma with Kathleen and her bestie from home, Vanessa. On Friday we watched the fireworks over the Bay after a day spent on a friends roof with patriotic Jell-O shots.  We drove up to Sonoma Saturday morning in a white convertible (thanks for the upgrade, Enterprise!), hit up a few vineyards – bubbles first, of course , Roche Winery later, and skipped over to The Girl and The Fig in Sonoma Square for dinner.  We spent the rest of the evening drinking the day’s chardonnay purchase out of ceramic mugs while wading in our little pool.


The following weekend Kathleen and I packed up our bags for a very special trip down to Carpinteria (Santa Barbara). We were prepared with road trip essentials: freshly downloaded podcasts for driving entertainment and a bag of peanut butter M&Ms the size of a small human.  We rolled into town late Friday night on a sugar high / coma and went to bed anxious to meet a new little person the next morning.


Meet the brand new addition to Maude and Ben’s family: Frances Poppy.


The new family of three was kind enough to host us for the weekend. FP is a smiley, mellow girl like her Mama who is a gearing up to be a killer surfer girl just like her Papa. We took turns munching on her little toes, and rocking her to sleep at the beach.  It’s the good life down there in Carpinteria.


It’s such an incredible thing to watch a friend become a Mother. Maude is such a natural with her, and it’s been amazing (and impressive) to see her motherly instincts kick in so seamlessly. 


So there you have it.  A small glimpse into what’s been happening lately.  Stay tuned for photos from my week in Montauk.

See you guys soon**!

*In reality, every weekend I have in SF is pretty exceptional, but meeting Frances Poppy tops the list.

**Fingers crossed I get this done sooner than 6 weeks from now.