Hey hey.  I hope everyone is having a good weekend.  I had to fly back east to New York under some unfortunate circumstances, but it has been really nice to spend time with family.  In an effort to brighten the mood, I’d love to share some photos from last weekend.  Thanks to the veterans, we had Monday off and we chose to spend a few of those extra cherished hours in Santa Cruz, and a few in San Francisco.

IMG_2537 IMG_2540IMG_2542IMG_2553

A shout out to San Francisco for dishing up some awesome foodie meals recently.  We tried out House of Nanking on Thursday night (after a generous happy hour special at Dell’uva in North Beach), and on Friday I cleaned out Say Cheese for a low-key cheese and apps kind of night.  Perfect meal before having to spend the day in your bathing suit, right? (……) 

IMG_2572IMG_2577IMG_2579IMG_2588IMG_2592IMG_2598IMG_2601IMG_2603IMG_2614IMG_2626IMG_2631IMG_2637IMG_2653IMG_2662 IMG_2669

Back to SF for Sunday night cocktails at Madrone Art Bar, 8+ hours spent at my favorite local cafe on Monday (I’m keeping this place a secret) and Bachelorette Premiere with frenz and snax. Good to know that a year later my excellent taste in TV hasn’t evolved (last year’s Memorial Day weekend recap).

*all photos taken with my iPhone.