#1 Get really excited over the fact that you will now be able to communicate with your high school girlfriends in person, rather than through the filter of iMessage. Not that you don’t love waking up to 93+messages before 8:00 AM via group text.


#2 Take them to Cha3 in the Mission, feed them tapas and sangria, and then make them play weird drinking games with your SF friends at Latin America Club while drinking lethal margaritas.


#3 The next morning, take them to Napa. Specifically, rent a car, stop into Oakville Grocery for sandwiches on the way, drive to Cakebread Cellars for a tour/tasting (try to avoid turning green after taking a few sniffs as a result of the previous night’s debauchery), and then to William Hill Estate for a final tasting.  Be blown away by how breathtaking the place is, and sit and enjoy your friends’ company while overlooking the rolling hills of sprouting vines. Stop by Bottega in Yountville on the way home and enjoy some small plates and your new favorite sparkling wine (thank you Pebble Beach F&W for that one). Pinch yourself, because you’re really on vacation now.


#4 Drive home, get caught in traffic, but enjoy the pretty sunset over your pretty city. Try to drag your friends out to dinner, but recognize the telltale signs of jetlag (grumpy silence), and offer to order dinner in from your favorite local Mexican joint.


#5 Wake up early [read: not hungover, at long last], and drive to Outerlands to put your name on the list.  You’re bound to wait at least two hours for a table, so pick up lattes and cinnamon toast at Trouble Coffee from down the street.  Drive them over to Land’s End for a quick hike along the edge of the water, leading them to that big red bridge this city is known for.  Head back to Outerlands, order yourself a fried egg open faced sandwich with grilled asparagus, portobellas, shallots, garlic spread, and provolone and a Sightglass espresso for an extra kick.  Clean your plate, sit back, and realize that maybe this place wasn’t over-hyped.


#6 Drive to the top of Twin Peaks, let your friends say goodbye to the city they probably just fell in love with too, and then drop them off at the airport, but not before squeezing every last breath out of them during goodbye hugs.  You will miss them dearly, but at least you can go to bed with dreams of tapas, picturesque vineyards, really good food, really good friends, and another page to fill-up in the high scrapbook (#jkIdonthaveascrapbook #ordoI #hashtagsareweird).


The end.


Miss you, Jen & Em! Thanks for flying cross-country so that I could smother you in hugs. XO