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I realize that writing a weekend recap the day another weekend is about to begin is silly, but in light of Boston I didn’t feel it was appropriate to show you pictures of my wine glass and California mountains.  What happened on Monday is infuriating, upsetting, and confusing all at once.  I feel like as a country, we’re being hit with wave after wave of violence, and don’t have enough time in between  to catch our breaths and brace ourselves before another crushing wave takes us under again.  Although my weekend happenings seem trivial, editing these photos has made me realize how much  I do appreciate the moments between the waves, and so I’d love to share them with you.

Weekend things include: happy hour at Bar Crudo on Divisadero, in-house happy hour on Friday, coffee and reading in Cafe Reverie‘s sunny backyard on Saturday morning, a hike in Marin along the edge of the earth in Tennessee Valley, sandwiches from Say Cheese, some time rolling around in the sand at Muir Beach, and dinner at State Bird Provisions – it deserves its own post, but ohmygoshsodamngood. Sunday started with coffee and papers again at Cafe Reverie, more sun, crossword puzzles, and orange-y champagne on my friend Lauren’s roof, mass, and then a family dinner… and by family I mean Jimmy and Kathleen.  Recently, I have been trying to get anyone who is around Sunday evening together for dinner.  I think it’s important to start the week on the right meal foot, and clink our glasses together; dedicating a ‘cheers’ to our really nice lives.

This weekend, I have two New Yorkers and high school buds –  Jena and Emily (holla at yo koala) – coming to visit me, and we have plans to eat, drink wine in Napa, and eat really good pastries. Have a beautiful weekend, everyone.