As luck would have it, I was recently informed that someone other than my Mom reads my blog.  But wait, wait, get this.  Not only do other people read it, they want me to help represent them. Today is a big day.  Vagueness aside, I’m now going to be a featured blogger critic for Oomea alongside some of my new blogger goofball friends.  See look: I have a legitimate, professional headshot proving that I am not making this up.

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From their website: “Oomea is an innovative restaurant review platform that challenges diners to try new cuisines and open their palate to global flavors and original dining experiences. Through this culinary exploration diners can learn about different cultures right in their own city.

Our reputation ranking system ensures that reviews are accurate and fair; the higher your reputation, the higher the impact of your reviews on a restaurant’s ratings. Users who achieve a high reputation level become Oomea critics; they are trustworthy food bloggers who know all about the best spots and following them will guarantee you great dining ideas.”

I’m really pumped to be writing about and reviewing new restaurants/cuisines here in my new town.  Be sure to click my “follow” link on my blogger profile page to get a notification every time I write a new review.  I know you can’t wait to hear all about my latest beet burger and arugula salad explorations.

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After our mini photoshoot at the Palace of Fine Arts, we walked over to Delarosa for lunch.  Oomea was kind enough to treat us to a beautiful 459 course (I lost count) lunch.

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Lunch with food bloggers is such a casual affair.  I promise we spent some time actually talking to each other. 




El Diablo- blanco tequila, line, ginger, agave, cassis (on regular menu)

Pisco Punch- pisco, lemon, pineapple gum, nutmeg (on brunch menu)

First Bites:

Burrata Bruschetta, Peas Bruschetta, Beet Carpaccio, Kale caesar

Second Course:

Meatballs in Spicy Marinara, Pappardelle Pasta with a pork sugo, Slow Roasted Eggplant pasta

Third Course:

Pizza and Fried Brussel Sprouts (caper aioli)

Every dish at lunch was pretty killer, but I hear Delarosa also serves up a mean brunch.  Favorites from this meal include the sparkling red (Grasparossa di Castelvetro), burrata bruschetta, fried brussels sprouts, and the donuts.
We also got a blogger goodie bag! Remember goodie bags from birthday parties that were filled with Pixy Stix and Starburst?  This was that, but slightly more gourmet from a*pour toi.  My enthusiasm was a little less gourmet, and more like shrieking toddler. From their website: “a*pour toi, which translates to a*[present]for you, nurtures relationships through a personalized, high-end, & healthier gourmet gift box with a French touch.”  We were given the “amour” box, which included lots of goodies that I tore through like a kid on Christmas morning.  Thanks for the goodies, a*pour toi! 
Thanks for the photoshoot and lunch Oomea (and in particular, Benoit the CEO and Laura, my new bestie).  Mostly thanks for proving that my blog is made of more than “only a Mother could love” material.  
Shout-outs: Quan Pham for headshots, Delarosa, a* pour toi and the other bloggies!
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Hope everyone had a great weekend!