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After work on Friday night, four of us cozied into my friend Mary’s car for the 6 hour drive south.  We were heading to Santa Barbara to spend the weekend with Maude and Ben before Maude brings a new little person into the world.

Saturday morning started with donuts, and then we spent the rest of the day catching up during a long walk on the beach (where we met a baby seal!), eating burritos, and preparing dinner. Ben had picked up some mussels at the Farmers’ Market that morning, and that evening he threw them into a pot with a coconut thai broth. We sat in their backyard with our burnt red noses enjoying the mussels, listening to music, drinking too many negra modelas (well, most of us), and laughing about awkward college moments. I think I alone ate a loaf of bread soaking up every last drop of that broth. It was one of the nights that you try to recreate over and over again, until you realize it’s more about the people you’re sitting around the table with, fighting over that last spoonful of Talenti gelato.

On Sunday, we visited out lovely friend Mary and her Grandmother, where she read our tea leaves! She is a sweet little British woman, who told us her love story that might rival Jack and Kate’s.  We picked up some lunch from the Natural Cafe, said our goodbyes to Maude and her belly, and jumped on our 9 hour train ride back to the Bay.  Over the course of the 9 hours, one too many half bottles of overpriced red wine were purchased, and one too many rosy cheeked selfies were snapped.  It was such a perfect weekend that flew by way too fast; I only wish we could have stayed forever longer. We can’t wait to meet the little baby, Maudie and Ben!  Thanks for having us in your home, which looks like it fell out of Architechtial Digest.

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