I’m going to bring a vintage blog series back for this hump day: WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday), where I tell you about all the things I ate in a day. I realize that I’m supposed to be talking about food on this blog, but sometimes I get carried away with my good looking friends and their green onesies.  My actual Wednesday (I’m writing this post Tuesday night) is going to be a little crazy running around town (I don’t think I’ll have time to sit, let alone document my food), so I thought I’d show you what a normal day of eating at my desk job looks like.


I started working part time at a software start-up, and I love it.  They have an enormous, beautiful kitchen stationed in the center hub of the office, and it is fully stocked, with anything you could want.  I mean anything. It’s like when you would go over to your friend’s house whose Mom (or Dad) would buy the good snacks, and you would be overwhelmed by all the choices (I’m talking Gushers, Fruit Rollups, Oreos).  Except this time it’s organic avocados, Chobani yogurts, crates of eggs, Puffins cereal, almond and soy milk.  A stocked kitchen (including a juicer!), dogs running around the office, and beers at 4 every Friday? I officially work in San Francisco.


I started the morning with two shots of espresso and Puffins topped with a banana.  Both with a healthy dose of cinnamon and almond milk.


IMG_1310IMG_1311IMG_1323Pre-lunch red snack.  Lunch was a salad from a place nearby my office called Sugar Cafe, that included mixed greens, fresh strawberries, heart of palm, goat cheese and candied nuts with poppy seed dressing. After lunch I had some Earl Grey tea and more snacks in the orange shade.  Citrus in California is killing it right now.IMG_1324

Around 4:00 I made myself a snack of mashed avocado, cherry tomatoes, hot sauce, and s&p.  Some call this guacaaamolleee. 


After work I headed to Crossfit in the Presidio.  I want to write a full post on my intro to Crossfit and how much I am loving it.  What I don’t love, are burpees or walking down stairs. 


For dinner I made myself “burgers.”  I essentially just smashed beets, sweet potatoes, onions, quinoa, soy sauce and breadcrumbs together and threw it on the skillet.   I ate it on a bed of the stuff that rabbits eat.  I went back for a second round, it was so good.


Speaking of BURGERS, have you guys seen my guest post over on On Tap For Today?  Go check it out.  Bonus points for scrolling the rest of her blog and looking at her ADORABLE french bulldog, Clark.


Time for bed.  I have to be on set early tomorrow to work on some food videos for these guys. Then I’m off to help out at a dinner event for these guys.  Catch you guys on Friday!