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For St. Patrick’s Day, Bridget, Kathleen and Jimmy had a little rager gathering.  Most of us wore green, but some of us were incredibly confused as to how they write a blog about green things, and yet, do not own a single green article of clothing (at least in their west coast closet).  We drank Guinness and champagne, and attempted to make party snacks that had flecks of green in them (herbed popcorn? sure why not).  At least we had some green plates, right?  Food aside, I apparently spent most of my day taking awkward friend portraits.

Other weekend notables include a surprise Brooklyn Bagel appearance from our friend Lauren who carried them on the plane with her here from New York, along with the rest of her worldly belongings (she just officially moved to SF!!). How she survived the entire plane ride without eating the entire bag of bagels will forever remain a mystery to me.  On Friday, we stopped by the shiny new Bi-Rite Market on Divisadero to pick-up some smoked salmon and cream cheese. I ate the whole thing with my eyes closed, and now I’m afraid it was all a dream.  California, I love you, but you cannot make bagels like Brooklyn Bagel can.

On Sunday I tried the latest toast creations from The Mill, which has now become my new favorite way to start the last day of the weekend. Above was the thick sliced whole wheat slathered in butter, almond butter, and honey, and the mountain rye with cream cheese.  Both washed down with a Four Barrel cappuccino. If you live in SF, get to The Mill to try this toast, and don’t be intimidated by the long line.  Worth every minute of the [fairly short] wait.  If anything, you could walk by and see the space that I could happily move into as my new home. And finally, no weekend post would be complete without a Sunday selfie from Kathleen, Bridge, and yours truly.

How was everyone else’s weekend? After this weekend, my green drinking is transforming back to [leafy] green eating.