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For once, this weekend we kept our feet firmly planted in the city. It’s a rare treat these days that we aren’t traveling to some far off dreamland north or south of the city, but let’s be real, this city is still keeping my knees weak. 

Thursday night we went to a Passion Pit concert, and my calves are still sore from jumping so much.  After our late night, Kathleen and I decided to have a low-key Friday night and watched Sleepwalk with Me.  Saturday morning I set my alarm early (like, 6:45) to go watch the Georgtown/Syracuse basketball game.  I am not a sports person (I wasn’t even sure what sport we were watching until I got there, just to give you an idea of my cluelessness), but our lovely friend Colleen promised us a breakfast of booze and bagels, and I am never one to turn down either.  We spent the day lounging on her deck that I didn’t even attempt to be cool about, and then lounged in the sun with our new friend Henry the pup.  

Our Saturday would not have been complete without stopping by Roam Burger to satisfy some cravings with a house-made organic veggie beet burger, with their outrageous french & fries toppings. Meaning, truffle parmesan fries, gruyere, avocado, caramelized onions, watercress, dijon mustard.  Yes, french fries, on a burger. We shut down Saturday with some pie shakes from Chili Pies. For those of you not familiar, this is a piece of pie blended with ice cream.  I went for Mexican Chocolate Pecan with Three Twins Mint Confetti.  Diabetes tastes so good.

I spent the majority of Sunday with a few other blogger critics with Oomea, getting some head shots taken, and then enjoyed a delicious gut-busting, 4,530,958 course lunch hosted by Delarosa (full post to come on my exciting Oomea news and lunch recap).  And after they rolled me out of Delarosa, I asked them to roll me straight to Tony’s for Sunday dinner, because really, we always all need more carbs right?  It was a really relaxing way to close my weekend, and the best way, in my opinion.  Once I got home, I made myself my favorite cocktail, and got down to photo editing.


I’m off to work and plan to drown myself in coffee*.  Did the time difference catch anyone else off guard? Thank god for iPhones and their smartness, you know? I’ll see you guys on Wednesday!



*Disclaimer: I take full responsibility for any typos seen above. Also, I recognize that the formatting on my photos is wonky, but I need time to shower for work so that I don’t look like a homeless person today. Priorities.