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  On Saturday night as I watched my marshmallow burn to an unfortunate crisp while sitting around the fire at Laguna Muir Beach, I felt a wave of déjà vu come over me.  Where was it coming from? And then I realized: I had watched the same scene unfold in an episode of Laguna Beach, during my sophomore year of high school.  My girlfriends would crowd around the TV wearing our Soffes, eating Domino’s pizza and bleeping on our Nextels. What’s left behind after the mascara-streaming drama, underage drinking, or exceptionally good-looking high schooler surfer bros? Good friends drinking wine and eating potato chips and french onion dip s’mores, in a picturesque scene I never thought I’d see jump out of my TV and into my reality.  


The rest of the weekend followed suit, with sangria and a surprise birthday part for Mary at Limon, coffee and sandwiches at Blue Sky Farms before our walk along the beach in Half Moon Bay, beers burgers fries and photobombs at Half Moon Bay Brewing Co., the aforementioned beach bonfire with friends, Sunday morning Farmers’ Market at Fort Mason, and closing with what’s becoming a now regular trip to the biergarten (and then Suppenküche).


I always wanted to be an MTV reality TV star.  Dreams do come true.