We spent the weekend in Tahoe at Joe’s haunted charming house (first Tahoe trip recap here), working on our goggle tans, snuggle skills, and Taboo staminas.  Sometimes it’s nice to travel a bit further than a bus ticket transfer will take you, into the mountains where the boxed red wine flows, and the wifi signals do not.

I’d bore you with details about how I am happier than I have ever been, how I have the best friends who make me laugh so hard I cry, and how there were moments this weekend where I had to stop and wonder as to how I got so lucky, but it’s a little too early in the week for gagging and I know you’re just here for the photos anyway. In my opinion, all I’m missing is Morgan Freeman to narrate the weekend for you (but who needs him when we have you, Shelby?), so the below will have to suffice.

IMG_5241IMG_5222IMG_524465photo 2photo 3photo 1IMG_5256IMG_5262IMG_5260IMG_5263IMG_5279IMG_5296IMG_5268IMG_5306IMG_5318IMG_5330IMG_5337IMG_5366IMG_5340IMG_5356IMG_5361IMG_5419IMG_5458

California, I really like you.  Have I mentioned that yet?

What’d you guys do this weekend?  Anyone else drink too much whiskey go skiing?