Tighten those suspenders, ladies and gents, I have quite the photo-dump post for you.  First I should warn you that I’m running on about 3 hours of sleep thanks very much to my Monday night sugar binge.  Slight silver lining: it was a productive bout of insomnia as I finished season 2 of Downton Abbey, updated to-do lists, and made a dent in our latest book club selection (that’s a first).   So I should warn you now, whatever is written past this point is slightly out of my hands.  I should really be swimming in coffee, but I’m afraid I might drown. Let’s get through this post first.  (I want to let you know that I just had to look up, and confirm the spelling of ‘drown’ because it looked weird to me. Thought you should know where I’m at.)


To avoid writing anything I might regret reading after my inevitable mid-day faceplant, I’m going to hit you with the 342,409,580 pics I took over these past two weeks, and offer the Cliff’s notes summaries of my adventures.  The overarching theme of my life has been nothing new; I essentially walk around this city (and beyond) in disbelief and confusion as to why everyone doesn’t live in San Francisco.  Like, really.  One boosting newcomer to my dream of a life has been the new Macklemore album, on repeat. Let’s just say, I’m feelin’ like gold. 14K plated, to be exact.


To begin, last weekend one of my high school besties, Meghan, got wind of how awesome this place is (she must know someone who is a fan) and decided to pay me a visit. We visited Napa (I had heard they make good wine there). V. Sattui first, then Hess Collection Vineyard. Highlights from the rest of the weekend include Humboldt Fog cheese, fields of wild mustard for photoshoots, Taylor Swift singalongs, eating two pizzas in one day, It’s-Its, running a 5-mile trail “race” (which was more of a heart-attack inducing stair climb), boozy brunches in Sausalito, Monday Funday, Earl Grey ice cream from Smitten and a delicious meal NOPA (which I ended up going to again later in the week).

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On Valentine’s Day, I helped out at a Wild Kitchen dinner at Forage SF. Check out the awesome menu we served.   


I also worked on a shoot that is part of a drink series with Tastemade. They’re pretty cool, you should watch them.


This past weekend, highlights include: the Hayes Valley biergarten, NOPA (again!) with our visitors Colleen and Christina, hiking Mt. Tam, awkward friend photos, awkward selfies, beers and freaking delicious scones at Mill Valley Beer Works, homemade scones for breakfast, Land’s End hike walk, Roam burgers and beers (oh my gawd), Jimmy’s new flute, and Bachelor snacks on Monday night.

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Yes, Jimmy really bought a flute.  


Phew. It’s ’bout time for that faceplant.  Bai!