Ah ha! Tricked ya.  I know I said I wouldn’t be back until Monday, but I realized this post that (I thought) I scheduled to go up last week never went live. So here we are.

Apparently, the end of the week puts me in a sharing mood (see the past few Friday link-ups herehere, and here).  We all know that my decision to go veg was primarily the result of a few books I read, but in the world of factory farming, film does something that words cannot.  Mainly, it doesn’t leave much to the imagination.


A lot of these documentaries are like a quick slap in the face; they sting, are over before you know it, and leave you fumbling around, grasping for your arguments supporting meat-eating (maybe after viewing some of these, they will be no where to be found).  I’ve seen a lot of these types of documentaries, some of them dull and monotone, but others a bit more resonating.  See my top five picks below.

1. Food Inc. (on Netflix) This is an older one, but it’s a good opener to the scary stuff that goes on behind the slaughterhouse doors, if you aren’t yet aware.


2. Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead (watch for free on Hulu

3. Forks Over Knives (on Netflix)

4. Hungry for Change  (on Netflix)


5. Vegucated (on Netflix… seriously, just get a Netflix subscription if you don’t already have one). 

My friend Bridget recently saw and raved about A Place at the Table which is a new documentary about hunger in America, and the cultural, economic and social implications that remain. We have more than enough food to go around, yet we still haven’t figured out a way to fix the widespread hunger. This doc is next on my list.

What do you guys think about these documentaries that expose some scary food industry truths? Is there one that empowered you to make changes in your life?

Happy weekending!

PS. Some more choices here, should you be so inclined.