So, this dip.  Not so much a recipe, but more of a… mix.  One of my best family friend’s introduced me to this combination (thanks Annie!), all made from ingredients found at Trader Joe’s. Sometimes I like to get fancy, but other times I actually have things to do with my day, and therefore don’t have the time to run to 17 stores to gather individual ingredients for one dish. It’s also just really delicious, plain and simple.



Just follow my lead and make this dip, okay?  Your fellow book club members will forget that you didn’t read the book (…again), as they shovel up this dip with pita chips.  That is, if you don’t get to it all first.


Lentil Feta Dip

1 package of TJ’s pre-cooked lentils (I warmed mine up), bruschetta, and feta cheese.  Combine and enjoy.