This past weekend we did a little celebrating for a good college friend, Kellen. She’s getting married in March to a lucky guy named Michael, and so naturally, we named the weekend MKDAY.  We celebrated MK day over MLK day weekend.  Minor oversight.


There were no questions from outsiders as to what the t-shirt hashtag referred to, just approving looks assuming we were all big fans of the well-known civil rights activist who gave us Monday off from work. Naturally they had shirts made.


We drove over the bridge down Route 1 to Hog Island Oyster Farm.  We all know my thoughts on their BBQ oysters (and they’re vegetarian approved too!).  Some shenangians ensued as we ate oysters and carbo-loaded on Acme baguettes as if we were about to run a marathon.  Marathoners eat lots of cheese too, right?





Adding a heart to that hashtag made things a little clearer.



Thanks for letting me join in on the fun this weekend, Kellen!