Molly over at The Particular Kitchen has either made a serious typo, or has nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.  I had the fortune of meeting Molly at HLS, and we became quick friends after bonding over our love for Whole Foods (the wine aisle, in particular). Molly is a certified holistic Nutrition Consultant, and actually knows what she’s talking about, unlike this girl who just tells you to put more arugula on your plate.


Along with this honor comes some rules to pay it forward, so here goes:

The Rules

  1. Display the award logo on your blog.
  2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
  3. State 7 things about yourself.
  4. Nominate 15 bloggers for this blog and link to their pages.
  5. Notify these bloggers of the nomination and the awards’ requirements.

7 Things about Myself

  1. I am a really big fan of whales. If I could be an animal, it would be a blue whale.  I know, I’m weird.
  2. I shower almost every night before going to bed.  I just like getting into clean sheets with clean feet.  It’s official. I’m weird.
  3. I still sleep with a pillow I’ve had since I was born.  It’s actually more like two pieces of fabric sewn together that used to be a pillow. So, yes, I still have a blanky.
  4. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t have nail polish on.
  5. I used to be super involved in musical theater, and to this day can still recite every single word of Rent.  I also used to have friends before admitting to that.
  6. I am a huge stemware/tableware snob, and dislike drinking anything out of their incorrect glass counterpart. This may or may not be a result of 10 incredibly frustrating years watching my Dad drink good wine out of water glasses.
  7. I have lost 3 iPhones in the past year, along with my sanity and any savings I had left in my bank account.

15 Nominees for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I currently have about 85 blogs in my Google reader, so paring it down to 15 was tough.

1. The Particular Kitchen

2. Bon Appétempt

3. Lottie + Doof

4. Shutterbean

5. Smitten Kitchen

6. Just A One Girl Revolution (fellow HLS bud!)

7. Hungry Hungry Hippie

8. Honey, I Shrunk The Gretchen (home of my first guest post!)

9. On Tap For Today (home of the cutest dog, Clark)

10. Daily Garnish (if my baby is half as good looking as Emily’s, I’ll be lucky!)

11. Blueberry Smiles (a fellow San Franciscan)

12. Eat Live Run

13. How Sweet It Is (never fails to make me hungry)

14. The Fitnessista

15. Healthy Tipping Point (adorable baby, vegetarian recipes, and inspirational posts that always blow me away – she’s the greatest)

Thanks again, Molly!


The weather is finally starting to warm up here and I am looking forward to spending time in the sunshine. Have a beautiful weekend everyone!