For those of you that are new here (first of all, where have you been?), WIAW stands for What I Ate Wednesday.  Or if you feel like going the weird babytalk route, sometimes we call it weewah.


Breakfast was two eggs, an apple with cinnamon, and coffee with soy milk.

photo 2

After working and digesting, I stretched my legs a bit and put my Garmin to good use.  I’m just beginning to get back into my running routine after spraining my ankle and falling (pun intended) off the bandwagon a few months ago. I had been on a Bikram yoga kick since moving here, and I think the stretching really helped strengthen my ankle.

photo 4

Lunch was sauteed kale with soy sauce, tempeh, a roasted sweet potato, and carrots.  Beta-carotene for the win. I also had some afternoon Earl Grey tea in my favorite mug and then pulled out my knitting needles and reading glasses like the 85-year old woman I am.  It has also been absolutely freezing recently.  I am used to New York cold, but I am also used to the existence of indoor heat, which SF is apparently not equipped for.  I have actually been sleeping in Bridget and Kathleen’s apartment to escape my own arctic quarters.

photo 7photo 5

Candied ginger and apple (eaten before snagging a pic) for snack time.

photo 6

That night, I attended a winter cocktail tasting event at the Ferry Building.  There were a few different restaurants and bars serving signature cocktails and small dishes.  Below was a grapefruit, Campari cocktail and a butterbean rosemary soup with brussel sprouts and radishes with a cilantro lime garnish. I sincerely apologize for the terrible picture (my new phone has issues with close-up focusing).

photo 3photo 1

After dinner I met my frenz at Southern Pacific Brewing Company in the Mission to share a few pitchers of beer.  I got home, piled on 3 layers of clothes, and tucked into bed. And that’s all she wrote. 

PS. It’s almost FRIDAY. Amen.