This post is way, way overdue, considering I no longer live in New York, and also considering I included this restaurant in my 2012 wrap-up.  The Alex Eats series has been neglected as of late, so as a way to feed my old city nostalgia, let’s talk about my favorite place to eat at in New York.


Before leaving for San Francisco, I visited ABV with the girls for a goodbye dinner.  Last October, not only was I saying goodbye to NYC, but I was saying goodbye to one of my favorite places for 5 PM dinners after boozy lazy Sundays in the park.  I always enjoyed eating an encouraging meal before the impending doom of the 5-day work week set in. The sparkling wine didn’t hurt either.

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ABV’s menus do change seasonally, but most of what I ate there a few months ago remains on their menu. They specialize in medium-sized plates that are perfect for sharing (my obsession with this place all of a sudden makes sense, doesn’t it?).  Their plates pair well with their non-daunting wine and beer list, some of which they have on tap.  For my last dinner, I enjoyed a glass (or two, or three…) of their Montalbera Rosé.


Obviously, the main draw for me is the food, but there is something about this place that I find to be very grounding. It’s like I’m sitting at dining room table in a (albeit, very wealthy) friend’s apartment, passing plates while gossiping about the latest newsfeed dramas.


If you’re in New York, do me a favor and go order a glass of wine on tap at my favorite Upper, Upper East Side restaurant.  Don’t forget to order the fish tacos.


At ABV, Alex Eats: 

Beet Salad {mint, walnuts, market greens, goat cheese}

Butternut Squash Soup {ginger-pickled squash, cilantro stems, carrot}

Fish Tacos {roasted poblano, guacamole, kimchi slaw, queso fresco}

Winter Gnocchi {roasted root vegetables, wild mushrooms, Meadowcreek Farms Appalachian, brown butter}

Pot de Crème {fruition chocolate, Turkish coffee, charred fluff}


{ABV Wine Bar}

1504 Lexington Ave

New York, NY 10029 

212. 722. 8959