h, the inevitable New Year’s Resolution post, with inevitable forays into leading a healthier lifestyle.  Each year as January 1 rolls around, I think psh, who needs resolutions? If I want to change something, I won’t wait until the beginning of the year to do it. In reality, during those years my resolution should have been to get honest with myself because resolutions made in my head aren’t really resolutions; they never happen.  It’s the ‘diet starts tomorrow’ illusion.

Lucky for me, I am a part of the healthy living blogger community, and I plan on taking advantage of that goshdarnit.  So help keep me accountable guys, k? K.  Here we go:


#1  Dedicate more time to the blog.  

Notice the fancy new redesign? I got a bit of a head-start on my resolutions this year.  I wanted the blog to be simpler, and have large format photo capabilities (the photo in my ‘contact’ page might be a little too large…).  I’ve also updated each page in the navigation bar, as well as added ‘recipes’ & ‘videos’. What do you think?

Aside from the redesign, I want to start blogging more.  I’m aiming for 3 posts a week.  I know you’ll keep me to this one, Mom.


#2  Stop drinking so much. 

In San Francisco, if you reach your arm out about 3 feet, you can grab a bottle of wine.  I don’t really spend too many nights at home, and most of my plans revolve around drinking, so it’s tough to avoid it.  I’m going to make an effort to stop drinking like it’s the end of the world I’m on vacation.



#3 Read more books. 

I currently have about 4 books on my iPad that I have read the first few chapters of.  I need to pick one, and finish it.  Reading the one that we assigned for book club might be a good place to start.

#4 Try Crossfit.

This has been something I have wanted to do for a while.  I got a small taste of it at HLS, and the fact that I couldn’t walk down stairs without grasping onto the railing for dear life after it made me a little nervous, but I think I’m finally ready for more.



#5 Eat more plant-based. 

See number 2?  It’s usually accompanied by cheese. I used to be really good about always eating plant-based, and I can definitely feel the difference.  I’m ready to clean up my act eats.  In fact, I plan to do this in about a week.


Alright, now spill it.  Did you make any New Year resolutions or are you actually responsible and cease the day, unlike me? I’d love to hear. 


Happy Friday! Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.