I know, you’re thinking two posts in one week? I’m an over-achiever, what can I say (#momwontstopbuggingmetopostsohereyougomom #runonhashtag). Also, living in San Francisco means that you are well-caffeinated all the time, making me an uber productive worker. Do people still say uber? Anyway.

This announcement is over-due, but as of a few weeks ago I officially became a Greatist Ambassador! For those of you who don’t know about Greatist, it is your “go-to source for all things fitness, health, and happiness.” Or, when you’re looking for last minute DIY gifts for Grandma.

So, what does this mean? Well, first of all, I get to display that pretty blue button you see over on the right. But mostly, it means I get to harass you guys (and my twitter gang) about making smarter nutrition and fitness choices.  Aside from my Whole Foods-moth-to-a-flame like tendencies, why do I get the privilege of bullying you into eating more kale? Read my profile to find out and then go read about why I plan to put cayenne pepper on everything I eat, among other fascinating (and well-vetted!) articles they post. It’s an honor to be a part of the Greatist Ambassador team and I can’t wait to read about what advice my other teammates have to contribute as well. You can follow along the fun with the #imagreatist hashtag. I’m in a hashtag #mood today apparently.

Back to business, I thought you guys might like to see how this new California girl is eating these days. Let me preface this post by saying that before moving out to San Francisco, I fully expected myself to morph into a yoga-fanatic, green-juice-drinking, effortlessly skinny, organic California girl.  Alas, I haven’t started eating less, but I am overeating effortlessly. What gives? But it has all been fantastically delicious, and I can’t get enough.  Ok, back to the food, shall we? Gosh, I really am chatty today. Apologies in advance.

These Wednesday eats are actually from two weeks ago, but my newly acquired highly caffeinated Tasmania devil of a brain couldn’t get it’s act together in time to post the photos that week.

Breakfast: Most mornings, I will eat oatmeal, eggs with toast, or a yogurt. My favorite part of my new apartment is the light that streams through my windows in the morning.  Back in NYC, my apt was slightly cave-like, so it’s nice to feel like a real person and see what I am eating.


I’d say about half of my monthly expenses go to coffee from Stanza or Flywheel.  Did I mention I was caffeinated?


I had a work lunch at A16 in the Marina. I started with bruschetta with acorn squash, ricotta, fried sage and pumpkin seed oil.


For the main, we split the bianca: mozzarella, grana padano, chiles, garlic, green olives, basil, olive oil. I am usually not a huge olive person, but these green ones cut into the sweetness of the cheese nicely.


Back home, I worked and snaked on these things.  After looking down at the almost empty bag, I remembered why I can’t buy them regularly.  They just disappear. It’s weird.


I had book club to attend that night, and so I made a beet salad to share with the group (thanks, Bruce!). Recipe to come soon.

wiaw6 wiaw8 wiaw7

And when I say book club, I really mean, pretend to have read, drink wine, and divert the conversation elsewhere when people try talking about the plot.


Tarts from La Boulange for dessert.


Thanks to my book club, for letting me crash your intelligent literary conversation with mumblings about how delicious the wine is.

On one last note, because I plan to make this the longest post in AEG history, I am flying home to New York tomorrow and I cannot wait to smother my friends and family with hugs, and annoy my brother with questions about his new girlfriend.

See you at the airport, Dad!

Where is everyone off to for the holidays?  Does anyone have any delicious Christmas recipes they would like to share with me?