So where were we?  I had been blabbering about eating vegetarian meals, right?

To summarize, I want to reframe the conversation about vegetarianism, and use restaurant reviews as a conduit.  It’s all coming back to me now.  I should probably stop writing so many blog posts after a half bottle of wine.

Being a vegetarian, especially when you first start, can be trying.  You don’t want to inconvenience any of your fellow diners, and you want to make sure you’re eating a somewhat nutritious meal.  And when I say nutritious, I clearly mean tequila.

I am going to start this series with a restaurant in Portchester, NY (“upstate” for you New Yorkers) which is the recipient of too many rave reviews to count from my fellow suburbanites. Bar Taco, was the restaurant name I heard and thought, this place can’t be that good, it’s near the Buffalo Wild Wings and outlet shopping mall, then I stopped… wait, did you say tacos? 

We arrived and were immediately seated at a low table with stools, that do not do any favors for girls in skirts. I was ready to gnaw my arm off, so I ordered some guacamole practically as I was walking through the front door, as if I were a Bar Taco regular. The waiter explained to us how the actual ordering system works: you place a blue card in the standing clip when you’re ready (and/or need a margarita refresher), and they come take your order, as often and whenever you like. It’s like if the Bat-call but with tacos. Batman, bring me margaritas!

We all ordered a few tacos and sides to fight over share, and I was in heaven. Although wrap a piece of tin foil in a corn tortilla and I’ll call it a delicious taco. Fun fact: all the tacos are gluten free.  But really, the baja fish taco and portobello mushroom tacos melted in my mouth and disappeared at an alarming rate.

Thanks for letting me drag you with me to taco land, Emily & Lauren.

If you want to pretend that it’s summer for a little longer, go stop by Bar Taco.  You get to sit by the water, drink margaritas with the largest ice cubes I’ve ever seen, and hang out with the trendiest crowd in Port Chester.  No, I’m not talking about those kids filing out of the Applebee’s across the street. I’m talking about Batman.

Bat-calls at Bar Taco.  Nothing could be better.

At Bar Taco, Alex Eats:

-baja fish taco

-red snapper a la plancha taco

-portobello mushroom with queso fresco taco

-chopped salad

-grilled corn with lime, cayenne, and cotija cheese


-spicy cucumber salad