For a long time, the “big day” was always out of reach. The idea sits suspended, frozen in an alternate universe. You share your wedding thoughts and dreams with your girlfriends over gin and tonics on a random Wednesday night out your sophomore year, fighting over who gets to marry Leonardo DiCaprio first, feeling like you will never reach the day. You spend countless hours fantasizing about your engagement ring, wedding colors, flowers, your first dance song, and who will be standing at the other end of the aisle.  You watch one of your best friend’s dreams begin to unfold before her, and have to take a moment to pinch yourself.  This gorgeous wedding always sat behind the glossy pages of the newsstand books and the top-pinned Pinterest pages, waiting to expand into reality.

Then finally, it’s here.

That day you couldn’t dream of.  The day you knew would be one to take a few deep breaths, a few hundred mental snapshots, and watch one of your dearest friends marry the man she had spent so much time missing, being unsure if her ideal counterpart even existed.  Then she had an incredibly successful karaoke night; picking the right song and stumbling into the right guy. And bam.  The glass slipper fit. Except Cinderella didn’t have much on this wedding.

Carrie, Kathleen and myself woke up bright and early Friday morning, and Carrie opened the drapes to let the light in on her bright start to her wedding day.  Soon after, the rest of the bridesmaids filed in, and we spent the morning readying ourselves in shades of pink to appear like the pages of Carrie’s wedding book she had dreamed up years ago.  Then she slipped her wedding dress on and it all began.

And then just like that, it started.  I expected myself to be very weepy, crying tears of joy into my bridesmaid bouquet all day long, but I think I got all of those out on the night she got engaged.  Of course it was surreal, but I was washed over with a blanket of content; reassurance that Carrie would be truly happy for the rest of her life.  She snagged the man of her dreams, and I am so glad I was there to watch them promise forever to each other.

Who needs Leo when you have Matt?  The dream wedding had come down from the clouds, and landed on a picturesque plantation in Charleston, South Carolina.

Congratulations to Carrie and Matt!

I love you two very much, and could not be happier to have been a part of your dreamy day.