Thank you, all of my readers, for your patience… all 12 of you.  I’ve been hauling more hours at work, and I needed time at night just to breathe.  On top of that, I have some really exciting things going on behind the scenes and I’m looking forward to writing in a language that isn’t hieroglyphics after it’s all pinned down.  Before we begin, I should probably mention that I’m at the end of day 1/3 of doing another juice cleanse.  To address the reason as to why I insist on torturing myself like this is still yet to be seen, but I can address the reason why the post may be completely incoherent.  This should be fun. Let’s go talk about food!

Last weekend I had the fortune of being invited to the NYC Food Truck Rally to taste some surprisingly delicious cuisine served out of a tin box.  The NYCFTA (New York City Food Truck Association) is an association (er, duh) of small businesses that own and operate fancy food trucks in NYC. They aim to bring you the fanciest, trendiest, truffle-laden, most coveted cupcake (or grilled cheese) on your block. Did I mention it’s all delicious?

So last Sunday morning, I dragged my Dad with me to Grand Army Plaza, in Brooklyn. Essentially, these trucks serve delicious food individually, but they have also made friends, and all come together in one space to share the hungry Brooklyn-ites walking through.

Thank you to Laci, the Communities Manager at NYCFTA, who fielded a million and a half questions from my father and his newfound enthusiasm for all things food trucks.  It was lovely meeting you, Laci!

Back in the day, my familiarity with food trucks started and stopped at “dirty water dog,” that traditionally was inhaled on my walk over to the Thanksgiving parade that my family religiously attended each year.  Older and none the wiser, I have steered clear of the trucks selling that thing called food.  Fast forward 10 years, and the gourmet food truck scene is bustling. I knew it was time to check out what the latest food truck trend had to offer those not interested in eating “meat” that has been pulled out of some luke warm, cloudy water. The NYCFTA could not have made it easier; bringing together the best trucks the city has to offer in one awfully sunny lot.

First truck: Milk Truck

You like cheese, you say?  How about grilled?

Yeah, me too.  I ordered the milk truck classic, which was made with aged wisconsin, gruyere, and cultured butter on Balthazar Levain Pullman bread.  It was warm, gooey, and melted in all the right ways a grilled cheese should. I was able to leave my Vaseline at home, because the butter coating this sandwich left behind a layer of salty, delicious balm for my lips.  Bonus points, Milk Truck.

I had a few bites of heaven the grilled cheese, and let my Dad polish off the rest.  I was ready for my next mini meal at Taim.

Taken from their website, Taim’s falafel is ” gluten free and always cooked to order in 0% trans-fat vegetable oil. Our food is prepared daily with always the freshest ingredients, using traditional Middle-Eastern recipes with a gourmet twist. Our menu is strictly vegetarian and mostly vegan.” Yes, please.   When I was younger (apparently I’m sticking with a theme here), I thought a falafel was a weird, foreign, icky dish.  To be fair, I had no idea what the heck it was.  The word ‘falafel’ doesn’t necessarily have the words “fried chickpeas” in it, so give me a break here.

Turns out, the word ‘falafel’ has some other meanings, such as, oh I don’t know, like: “why the heck didn’t I try this sooner this thing is insanely tasty and I could probably eat it for the rest of my life.”  Or something like that.

I ordered the traditional falafel sandwich: falafel balls made with Tunisian spices, hummus, isreali salad, pickled cabbage, and tahini sauce.  Underneath the fluffy, yet crunchy falafel, was a crisp, refreshing and mouth-watering slaw that was the perfect compliment to the slight kick from the falafel.  I took a fork to it, and used the pita  as an edible bowl.  I didn’t feel like sharing with Dad on this one.

Next up, I needed some slush to wash it all down.  Apparently, so did everyone else.

Kelvin Slush Co. is like 7-Eleven’s slushie better looking, impressively successful, and all-around more charismatic older sibling.

How it works: you choose your base slush, which could be one of three: spicy ginger, tangy citrus, or green & black tea.  Next, you choose a mix in of  real fruit purées like white peach, raspberry, pink guava, green apple, caramelized pineapple, cherry, pear, blueberry, mango and strawberry.

And look, the people who work in the truck are definitely nicer than those 7-11 employees.

I went for the citrus/raspberry, and my Dad tried the citrus/blueberry.

They were the perfect compliment to the bizarre September heat wave.  Or maybe I was just over dressed.  Either way, it was a nice little treat.

After walking around Prospect Park for a bit, I decided we needed one more snack before hitting the road. I saw someone walking around with an  ice cream sandwich that was wrapped by two red velvet cookies.  I needed one.

Coolhaus, it was.

After much deliberation over the menu, I went for the balsamic fig & marscapone ice cream, sandwiched between two gluten-free coconut almond cookies.

I have no words to describe how heavenly this was.  Hands down, one of the best desserts I have ever eaten.  Do yourself a favor, and follow their website’s directions: eat coolhaus [.com].

I think Dad liked his  just as much.  His shirt too.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Steve and Sara, who are both the street food professionals. Steve completed an impressive monthly challenge – go check him out to find out more!  Sara is cheap eats master in NYC.

Finally, thank you Dad, for trekking with me to a borough I’m not even sure you have ever been in, and asking Laci more questions than I ever could have prepared.  You were the greatest tasting partner (and grilled cheese finisher) that I could have asked for.

After describing and looking at food photos for this, I think I have officially crossed the line into cruel and unusual punishment.   But lucky for me, there is one more food truck rally coming up on Sunday, October 21st where I can go eat away all of the toxins I may have shed in this cleanse.   At least these trucks are gourmet, which basically means healthy, right? Right.   If you are in the area on the 21st, definitely be sure to rally your own personal troops and stop by the rally.

Happy eating!