My babies! I am so sorry for the blog silence this week.  I have been working 14-hour days, eating dinner at 11:00 PM, and can’t find the time to wash my hair;  I have been swallowed whole by work.  I am still alive (just barely), and I will get back to regularly scheduled posting next week.  Fashion week is fun.

Mini bites by Union Square Events

Vodka thyme lemonade a la USE

Veggie burger at Danny Meyer’s Blue Smoke

I did get the chance to visit Greatist HQ last night.  I am always blown away by what they’re cultivating over there – they have all the right people, and say all the right things.  I really love what they have going on – go check ’em out!  I’m looking to get a little irresponsible this weekend, and I blame it on this article.

See you guys next week – have a beautiful weekend!