They’res  something about Montauk.  I haven’t put my finger on it yet, but somehow, that place always manages to bring me back down to the ground.  I have a feeling it has to do with all of those tacos that I can’t. stop. eating.

In other news, my little brother finally turned 21.  And to think, it feels like it was only last week that he was yanking Batman towards his birthday cake, tripping over toddlers and backyard toys (this poor unsuspecting actor/impersonator). Best day of his life, because gosh darn it, Batman was there.  Come to think of it, I’m sure that same exact scenario could have occurred for his 21st, and he would have been just as happy. Maybe minus the toddlers, plus a few kegs. Happy Birthday, Dexter (WHERE’S RACHEL)!

Who was your favorite childhood superhero? Power Rangers. The pink one. Tacos? For or against? Okay that was a silly question. Let me try again: Corn or flour? Thoughts on queso fresco, chayote squash, salsa verde? How do you like yours?  Obviously I love my veggie tacos, but I’m a real sucker for the baja fish tacos.  All washed down with a cucumber lime juice.