So. This labor day weekend, I went camping.  I definitely got in my fair share of R&R.  I tried to do a little of this…

And some of this…

And while attempting to get this shot:

I did this.

Don’t you hate that moment when you realize you’re not 8 years old anymore, and you can’t run through the dark woods while holding a tripod,  accidentally stepping in a blind ditch, making your ankle go in a direction it wasn’t meant to? When did that happen? I do know that I never realized my skin could deliver so many shades of purple and blue. Woops.

BUT I can tell you that sometimes these things happen for a reason.  A reason like finally having an excuse to watch every episode of the last True Blood season you never had time for.  Purple ankle for the win?

Back to those night shots that have made this sprained ankle so worth it (and why I was dumb excited enough to run through these dark fields):

Look how bright the moon is! I opened my shutter and let my camera capture what it could.

Thank you trees, for perfectly hugging the big dipper.

Pretty cool right?  I did manage to get some other shots in between icing and wrapping.

In the end, although it may not have been the best route, I got that R&R that I needed from this weekend.  No complaints here.

Actually I take that back.  Crutches?  They suck.  Wheelchairs on the other hand, are awesome.

How was everyone’s last summer weekend? Have you ever hurt your ankle before?