Anyone who knows me (or my Mother), knows that when I’m put in an emotional situation, I just can’t keep my tear ducts in check.   I’m a bit sentimental, to say the least.  Lately, I’ve learned that whole “emotional situation” has basically been my entire twenties.  I’m all too aware of how fast they are flying by.

My friends can tell you, that I’ve been known to scream “this is the best day of my life!” whenever I am feeling particularly inspired, regardless of our location (roof, bar, central park).  At first they used to jump to cover my mouth, but now they just take a few steps behind me, and let me pass as another insane New Yorker roaming the streets. In an attempted retaliation to this bizarre warped speed I find myself living in, I constantly have a camera in my hand, filming or shooting my life around me, hoping to hold on to these moments a little longer.

On my flight to Santa Barbara, I edited some clips from earlier this summer that had been archived for later use, while weeping into my complimentary pretzels and ginger ale.

I really like my friends.

I’m planning to make a new page on the blog for all of my other videos, but in the meantime, you can check them out here.