Love just got really pretty.

What’s that you say? Love is always pretty?

Yeah, yeah sometimes maybe.  But have you seen love in like it is Santa Barbara?

Nope. Not like this.

One of my college besties, Maude, got hitched this past weekend. It was my first time out to Santa Barbara, and all I have to say is, why the heck didn’t I get there sooner?  That place is outrageously gorgeous.

Add an outrageously gorgeous wedding between an outrageously gorgeous couple to the mix? Well, it’s like a rainbow inside of a vacation postcard inside of this month’s issue of Heaven Today! inside of a fairytales do come true storybook… inside of your dream.  Except it was real.

  The best part of traveling cross-country for the weekend? Being reunited with my soulmates girlfrenz. Talk about love.

Saturday morning we had some heavenly pastries.  Sensing a theme here?

Alright, brace yoselves. Here comes the love.

And to Maude and Ben:

You definitely nailed that whole fairytale love thing.

I could not be happier for you two.  Congratulations!