Healthy Living Summit.  Where to start?  If you aren’t a blogger, and have already read 154 weekend recaps, feel free to skip this one.   BUT if you have only read 153 recaps, then you must keep reading.  Let’s start with what I attended this past weekend, shall we?

HLS is a conference for healthy living bloggers who write (and/or read about) eating well, staying fit, and general wellness.  All day Saturday was spent in a handful of sessions discussing blogging ethics, social media, promotions, and branding for your blog.   Basically, it aims to give you the tools you need to create a successful blog.  You already know about my views of a successful blog, but if you have amnesia (because obviously you read each and every post I write), you can read about them here.

Friday, I stumbled into the lobby of the Hyatt Regency Cambridge (Boston), and was greeted by Meghann, Elizabeth and a few of the other ladies from the HLS dream team.  I awkwardly made my way through registration, and dragged my outrageously heavy bags up to my hotel room along with my other SWAG.  We got. hooked. up.

I found my way down to the last “early” session of Friday, and sat down just as Derek, the CEO and founder of Greatist, finished speaking.  Perfect timing, Alex.

Later over dinner he would tell me that he was thrown off by the lack of presentation materials, after which I told him I was THIS close to bringing my 5 foot high presentation easel board. If only. I heard rave reviews about Derek’s presentation though, and was sad that I missed it  (he’s got a really great thing going on over there, go check it out).

I quickly scrambled to find friends, and dragged them to Whole Foods with me.

DanielleMolly and myself picked up some goodies before heading over to the cocktail hour.

And no blogger meet-up would be complete without the token new-friend-awkwardly-posed-photo taken by my window ledge.

Pardon the lack of photos from the cocktail hour, but I was trying to make new blogger friends, mmkay?

And new friends I did make.  Of the slightly handicapped kind of course: Laura and Ashley.

Saturday was spent note-taking, cheribundi-drinking, eating, and Crossfit-ing (of which I am JUST recovering from.  Want to walk around hunched over like an 85 year old woman wincing with each step? Try Crossfit. No but really, it’s awesome. And the guys are really cute).


(RIP iPhone)

Driscoll’s, you fancy. 

My new Greatist & Daily Feats friends invited me to dinner that evening.  We took the hotel shuttle to the bridge and took a stroll over it towards the restaurant.  Boston, as it turns out, is really pretty.  Who knew?

New friends! The link up (left to right): SaraJon,  really pretty girl who likes to eat green, Monique, Rachael, Mindy, Laura, Shannon, Meredith & Derek.  Got that? Pop quiz later. Study up.

We piled into Harvard Gardens for dinner and I started with a moscow mule (I ordered another later on). Bloggers: always take two [photos], always order two [drinks].
I sat next to Jon, who insisted we share our dinner orders.  He doesn’t understand why people wouldn’t share their food.  Let’s just say he really enjoys tapas.  He had this joke that sharing food was similar to banking and investments, but seeing as how the people sitting across from us didn’t understand why it was funny, I will venture to say that people who are sitting reading behind their screen won’t either.  SO, to end this dinner ramble: I ate a few goat cheese ravioli and some asparagus ravioli.

This is everyone’s funny face.  Rachael gets the best participant award, Laura a close second.  Everyone else, you need some mirror practice.

The next morning we all had breakfast and chatted a bit before hugging our new friends goodbye.

I had such an incredible time in Boston.  HLS at times felt like the first awkward days of Freshman year college orientation, but I learned fast, and quickly made new friends that I knew held the same ideas about healthy living as I did.  It’s given me new ideas, motivations, and most importantly, more drive.  Coming into HLS, I had been feeling like my blog had become a bit off-center.   I may have walked away from the weekend without my iPhone, but I did walk away with a strengthened new resolve to get greener.

And because I can’t ever end a post on a serious note, please watch iPhone Users Are Sad and Alone, That’s Why the iPhone5 Will Be Perfect For Them.  It’s not not my life.