Earlier today, I made the long trek home from the oh so fantastic Healthy Living Summit in Boston. Once arriving back to NYC, I made my way over to Grand Central Terminal to catch my train from where Megabus dropped me off.  I ran through the streets nearly herniating numerous discs in my back while carrying the over-stuffed bags, and got up-streamed from people who stole the few open cabs in front of me. I was a little overwhelmed to say the least.  I quickly swiped my credit card in the cab, hoisted my bags out of the back and ran into GCT.  The moment I settled on the train, I realized: I left my phone in the cab.  Crap.

As I sat, phone-less, on the train that pulled me further and further away from an extension of myself that had practically become an opposable thumb, I couldn’t help but laugh a little (in between sobs).  A blogger without her phone? Leaving all of her tweets and texts unanswered?  What is a blog without their social media frenzy going full force at all times?

This was one of the biggest answers I was searching for during the HLS weekend: all tweets, facebook-ing, and insta-gramming aside, what makes your blog successful? What entertains and retains your readers all at once?

The answer was resounding: be authentic.

Or, take some cues from me, and be really weird.

Write about what you want to write about.  Don’t just type to please.  I posed this question at dinner on Saturday night to my newly made friends, and although everyone felt that the support of social media was extremely important (and necessary to get your blog out there), it shouldn’t be affecting what you post. It might take more time to grow, but you must gain your readers’ trust, and maintain true to the message you started the blog for.  Is it worth it?

I want to take this brief moment of clarity to say, that for me, it is.  I started this blog to help people. Truly.

I want you to see how easy it is to make the right decisions from the grocery store to the neighbor’s BBQ to the restaurant to the frat party. You can eat healthier, you can eat greener.  By all means, I’m not expecting a miracle here, but if I can change your order from a bacon cheeseburger to a veggie burger for lunch once, then all of the hours I put into blogging are worth it. Picture me as your personal green-eating cheerleader (pom poms and all), and just follow my lead, okay?

As bloggers, we may get some free sweet new neon sneakers, but that’s not what we started this for. We started it for you.

Okay, maybe the sneakers too.

RachelMindy, Derek the Greatist (he even looks the Greatist with his eyes closed), Jon, and Monique and the gals from Daily Feats.

Full recap of my HLS weekend to come.  In the meantime, you can find me tweeting the old fashioned way, the computer. 

How was everyone’s weekend? Was there one memorable dish or meal you ate? Dish it.