This weekend, other than giving myself weird hairstyles (see below), I had no plans to skip town.

I stayed put. No trains, planes, or buses.   I cooked, ate, wrote, took photographs, saw the Batman movie, watched a 7-year old DJ, sliced half of my middle finger off (just a heads up – don’t drink and try to use a mandolin, unless you feel like trying to convince those around you that you don’t need to go to the ER while holding a bloody finger, that just won’t. stop. bleeding. “Lots of capillaries in there! I’m fine!” I said. Ha. Riiiight.), celebrated my brother’s big 2 -1, and took Carrie and Matt’s engagement photos (just a few months late).

For dinner on Friday night, my family tried a new restaurant in Briarcliff: Haymount House

It looks like someone sat on my head.  I don’t know what happened up there.

No plans to go to the beach?! Clearly, I went a little cuckoo.

It sat on top of a hill overlooking the Hudson river, complete with some impressive sweeping views and all that good stuff.

The food was phenomenal, but there were a few cracks: as soon as we walked in (with my 80 year old Grandma, mind you) they made us wait about 20 minutes to sit down at our table, but it wasn’t because it was too crowded,  it was because the chef wouldn’t serve us before our reservation time? And we even had to miss the pretty sunset at our prime positioned table! Where is Seth Meyers when you need him to say “really?!”

It felt a little too stuffy in there for me. The live music was weird, and there were some touches that my Mom, the interior designer, disagreed with (are we just nit-picking now?).  My non-English speaking Grandma had no idea what was going on when they placed an amuse-bouche in front of her.

I hung around with the promise of farm-to-table goodness.  On this, they delivered.  All of the ingredients used in each dish are taken from farms nearby, and were worth the (rather confusing) wait.

We ordered the really delicious Chateau Des Jacques, Gamay, Cru Beaujolais 2009. Of course, I forgot to upload the photo of it for you.

Baby Beet Salad, Pistachio, Berkshire Blue Cheese, Aged Balsamic

I couldn’t find the description of this dish on their site (they change their menu with whatever comes in from the farms), but this was an “open” ravioli with vegetables and onion broth. It was scrumdidilieumptious.

Trio of ice cream made in-house (blueberry, coconut & strawberry)

I would recommend checking out Haymount House for the food.  Just plan on dining by their rules if you do.

If some pretty food photos weren’t enough, I’d like to start your week off right by bringing you the world’s tiniest hipster:

I didn’t realize they made fedoras that small.

Happy Monday everyone! Let’s make this week a good one, shall we?