And no, we’re not talking about Katy Perry.

In elementary school, my principal would come over the loudspeaker and say “Good morning everyone and TGIF!”, and I would sit in my little desk, with my neon Lisa Frank pencil in hand and think: Yes, finally. It’s the day of the amazing cartoon scheduled line-up!  Doug. Rugrats. Legends of the Hidden Temple. Hey Arnold.  Too good to be true!  Now if only I could figure out what those letters stood for

Hey, you know what, we may not have Nickelodeon anymore, but at least we have this to look forward to:  Shutterbean’s Corn Zucchini Lime Pizza.

corn zucchini lime pizza corn zucchini lime pizza

Now you can’t go complaining to Mom that there is nothing to eat in the house.  Go make it.

You’re welcome.