This weekend was textbook. And by textbook I mean perfect. And by perfect I mean summer. And by summer I mean this. And by this I mean Coldplay concert followed by a weekend in Montauk. Follow that?

Oh I’m sorry. Did you come here thinking this was a food blog? You mean, you’re not here to look at a blog version of my “Summertime 2012” Facebook album?

Yeah, I forgot about the food too.

Food stuff is coming this week! On another note (because one sentence on food was enough), who has been to a Coldplay concert? Why didn’t anyone tell me I was going to melt into an emotional, happy mess walking out of the stadium? You put on a good show, Chris.

But really (going back to that food thing because apparently I have attention issues), the blog is going to change a bit moving forward. It will be a little less about me drinking Bud Light Lime on the weekends with my friends and a little more about what I started this thing for: the food.

I hope to inundate you with vegetarian recipes, food science, restaurant reviews,  industry news, and even some cool apps that I find to be helpful while navigating this wacky (but awesome) vegetarian world.

Hang with me?