Wondering why the name of this post looks like weird baby talk? Explanation here.

So, for today’s WIAW, I wrote a little story for you.

Once upon a time there was a little veggie girl named Alex, who tried to avoid gluten after she realized that eating it resulted in face-planting at her desk. Don’t worry, she still ate gluten, perhaps a little too much of it, but she tried her mightiest to dodge that starchy protein composite.

On Wednesday, she started her day with 3 egg whites, 1/3 of an avocado, and Udi’s gluten free bread. Her personal favorite.

A banana for a snack.

And then, she attended a wild & crazy pizza party where everyone sat around the conference room table and said goodbyes to the seriously productive crew of summer interns.  After realizing she would have to do so much more of her own work without their help, Alex drowned her sorrows in gluten.  

And cried into her salad. And drank a root beer.

In a attempt to pick up her now droopy, drooling face off of her desk, she gave herself some sugar.  It failed.

She returned home to a island full of organic, local produce that her sweet, sweet mother picked up for her at the farmer’s market.  It lifted her droopy face, and spirits.

She skipped off to the pool at her gym, swam 1,000 meters (take that Michael Phelps), stopped by Target to pick up a few things, and returned home to an ideal meal.  In that moment as she sat at her island eating her baby Argentinian eggplant (my Mom would want you to know that they were not grown in Argentina, but that is just their name, they’re LOCAL. And don’t question her on it), she wondered if she would ever move out of this palace where farmer’s market veggies are always stocked, and the rent is too damn high free.

Then she remembered the fun little things that living with your family resulted in.  Like when she was on her way out to the gym looking for her water bottle,  and realized that her father had filled up her Nalgene with cold iced coffee instead.  She sighed, knowing that her water would always taste like coffee after that.  The solution? TARGET.

Not grabbing a few other things while she was there was impossible. So grabbed, she did (twss).

A new water bottle,  a portable coffee cup (making her the coolest commuter around),

Essie Sand Tropez,  an iPad,

Orbit gum, and almond milk. Oh, sorry.  Did I skip over something important?  This has only been, ohhhhhhh, three years in the making.

After little Alex realized that she would not be as fortunate as some of her friends, and get a FREE iPad – through work, or events, or raffles, or winning a company ping pong tournament (truth), she went to the Apple store on her lunch break and bought one and all felt right in the world again.

Hallelujah. Amen. Golf clap.