Heeelllooooo, my greenies.

How was the weekend?  Sorry for the late recap – I found myself on the floor Sunday night, not not resembling someone in their fourth trimester  (I know that doesn’t make sense, but just work with me) after everything I ate this weekend.

(Apologies for the poor pic quality. All photos were taken with my iPhone. My friends’ pretty faces should make up for it).

Oh the irony.

After mentioning that I was trying to lay off the gluten, I spent an entire weekend eating nothing but it.   I mean, I was running a race.  I needed to carbo-load didn’t I?

And when I say carbo-loading, I mean Bud Light carbo-loading.

Saturday morning we all woke up after our 3 AM bedtimes feeling sprightly and ready to do the Parker House Run (insert sarcastic joke here).

It was freakishly hot on Saturday.  All the “carbs” I drank the night before were sweat out. Manasquan fire department to the rescue.

The finish line led you into The Parker House where we drank more carbs for free.  And then for breakfast, I ate carbs (of the non beer variety).  A bagel and rolls, to be exact.  When you find yourself at a bar that sells nothing but sliders, you have to make it work.

The most delicious bloody marys I have ever sipped.  I made sure to take full advantage of this realization and drank 27 of them.

More carbs. With some eggplant and cheese for good balance.

And finally on Sunday, a roadie froyo from Rejuiceanation.  I think this, and the iced coffee I drank were the only non-carb items I ate this weekend.

That is until Sunday night dinner…

My detox summer salad that I have been eating practically every sunday night.  You need to try this salad.  Even if it’s not following a 48-hour carb binge.

Please excuse me as I go drown myself in leafy, green things for the rest of the week.