This morning as I ran around my house like a tornado, getting ready for school work, I started feeling slightly disorientated.  I hadn’t stayed up that late the night before, had I? Am I sick? Maybe I should skip work today, I thought. You know, just to be safe…

I had put two contacts in my right eye.  Happy Wednesday, indeed.

Gluten free Puffins and a banana in vanilla almond milk for breakfast.  Bloody mary instead of coffee. 

Jaykay it’s veggie juice.

Black eye to help get rid of the headache that resulted from my over-focused right eye.

Arugula, broccoli slaw, carrots, pea shoots, dried cranberries, and our local market’s homemade veggie burger for lunch.

All tupped up.

All chopped up.

Some red and orange for an afternoon snack.

I had drinks after work at Lillie’s near Union Square to bid adieu to a friend moving to Austin (aka where Whole Foods Corporate is, aka the promise land). 

Around 5 PM I was hungry. Around 8:00 PM on my way home, I was hangry (hungry and angry all at once. It’s blinding, really).

I didn’t want to stop and buy dinner because I knew I had groceries at home that cost me the equivalent of a baller cable package; all 4000 channels (including those useless sports ones and the international movies).   I busted down my front door and didn’t not make a dramatic scene about how hungry I was.  I’m fun.

Tempeh sandwich on Udi’s gluten free bread with a side of (more!) greens and half a corn on the cob.

For dessert, I had some raspberry chocolate chip ice cream which was brought home from Sweet Anniez, the shop my brother works in for the summer.  If you every find yourself lost up here in suburbia, go visit Sweet Anniez! They know what they’re doing there with this stuff called chocolate, sugar, cream and such.

After desert, I did some juicing for my coworker.  One of her neighbors had an overabundance of cucumbers from her garden, so – lucky me! – I got to juice em’!

Glass of milk juice before bed.

Do you have a favorite juice combination?  The one I made last night was cucumber, orange, carrot, lemon and ginger.  It was pretty zingy.