1. Food shopping at Trader Joe’s in the suburbs is the bomb. While having the space to push an actual shopping cart has its advantages (grabbing everything that my greedy paws can reach), it has a few disadvantages (grocery bills that exceed your old NYC electric bills).

2. Actually, scratch that.  DRIVING (!!) your groceries home instead of schlepping them home on the subway?  Suburbs for the win.

3. Although it’s not my beloved KBBK (let’s get you guys out to the Hamptons already!), this stuff weaves its way around all your hangover pains and kicks them out. Specifically those late onset hangovers that creep up when you are about to sit in a hot, roofless car for the 3 hour pukefest road trip home. Fun times.

4. Running bores me recently, so I’m trying out the swimming thing.

Turns out, swimming is a lot of work.  Try to act cool when you find yourself gripping the the end of the pool for dear life, completely out of breath after about… eh, THREE LAPS.  Now I remember why 7 year old me hated swim team so much.

Don’t forget!  When you get home from work, try on your new cap and goggles for your parents to show them what a success of a daughter they have made.  Don’t flinch when your brother says that “you literally look like a man.”

5. Jef won the Bachelorette. I hope he’s happy. Jane agrees.


6. I’ve dusted off my beloved juicer and green jungle juice has officially made a comeback.   Although this version is the non-radioactive red-vodka-gin-party punch college jungle juice (much to my dismay). I don’t think there was cucumber or romaine in that red solo cup of the college days.  Que sobbing/whining.

7.  Chef biographies.  More specifically, this one.  Read it.


8. I have made a new food discovery about myself…

Alex without gluten:

Alex with gluten:

9. “What’s gluten?  You should put this on the blog.”

10. I miss the beach.