Ugh, you guys. I had a really rough day on Wednesday.  I mean, it was like really, really tough.  Here, let me explain.

So first, it started with an alarm-less wake up, and then a trip to 7-11 for the most delicious iced coffee (next to Sbucks, of course) in the world.  I drank it on the deck, along with eating my breakfast of Chex with vanilla almond milk and a banana.

*Edited to add: I got the 7-11 regular iced coffee and added milk (no sugar)… NOT the “Chiller” that has flavors like Mocha, French Vanilla, etc.  I do not recommend those.  Apologies to my cousin Lolo who thought I drank this sugar-inducing coma drink, and in turn, nearly put her into a sugar-induced coma.

Then, after writing a few emails and organizing for HLS, I decided I was ready for a swim and wandered down to the beach by myself.

Banana for a snack.

I swam whenever I felt like it, but I tried to get a decent workout in.  Hint: If you pretend you are being chased by a large animal with large teeth, you swim faster.

There were all of maybe 7 people on the entire beach.  It was a pretty difficult situation, I tell you.  Around 2:00 or 3:00 I hiked my bike up our steep hill, and made myself a little lunch (with dessert, of course).

We knew a storm was rolling in, so we pulled all of our drying bathing suits and sheets off of the clothesline (no, really, we have one), and took a trip to the library where I picked up  a chef biography: Blood, Bones & Butter.

Once we got home, I read a bit as the storm brewed above, and took a cat nap in the hammock before getting ready for dinner in my own little cabin.

Say hello to my new friends.

At Harvest, we started with their out of this world bread dipped in their homemade spicy olive oil.

I ordered a glass of local rose from a vineyard on the North Fork. 

Calamari salad to start.

Spinach, Shallots, Mushroom, Artichoke and Mozzarella pizza and Mussels Steamed in Garlic, Shallots and Parsley to split as our main.   The dishes at Harvest are meant to be served family style, so each plate can serve 4 to 5.

Or 1, if you’re my brother. 

Then, duh, ice cream for desert.  I tried Ben & Jerry’s newest greek yogurt concoction concoction: Blueberry Vanilla Graham. I very much approved.

(P.S. Can you tell I’ve started to learn Photoshop? I just loaded it onto my computer and it’s been eating up hours of my time. I mean, come on, who doesn’t want to see an illuminated ice cream cone?)

And a glass (or two) of pinot noir when we got home.

Like I said… rough day.  Vacation is no picnic.