I love my assistant.  You know, my Outlook Out of Office assistant.  She may not come around very often, but when she does, it’s at the time when I need her most.  She’s one of those responsible ones.

I’m  leaving behind my makeup, heels, and stress and booking it out to Montauk for the week.

Where I can book it some more on the beach (look at those strides!).  I am not responsible for the man in the sweet beach outfit of jorts and sneakers.  Although it looks like he could use a little power walk himself.

I can only hope we get another successful sibling portrait like this again.

I wish I could bring you all with me to my house, but there is only room for us four and maaaaybe an ant.  Alright, I may or may not have an entire little cabin to myself, so we can fit a few extra ants in here. I don’t plan on spending too much time in my ant house anyways. What am I even talking about anymore?  I already have vacation brain.

How was everyone’s weekend?  Is there one vacation spot you frequent, or do you go somewhere different each time?