iced soy red eye

blueberry oatmeal with strawberries and peanut butter

vegetarian burrito from Free Foods



sauvignon blanc

salty oysters

my “veggie” burger

a polka dotted elephant.

I mean, corn on the cob. I wanted to make sure you guys were paying attention.



Central Park a la NYAC

night cap

7 11 for a  (more important) night cap.

In my recent days as a homeless person (and by homeless person I mean I’m not living in the city, but with my parents, and therefore homeless. The logic makes sense. Don’t question it.), I have learned a few things:  An extra hour of sleep makes a big difference.  Having friends who have couches/beds to sleep in makes a big difference. I feel like a millionaire now that I am not paying rent.  Everything in the suburbs is practically free. I have gotten really good at packing.  I think I have scoliosis from my heavy bags.  I need to rethink that “I have gotten really good at packing” thing.

Sometimes vegetarians have to eat things that look like they have fingers.  It may just be a different interpretation of what you had expected.  MMM asparagus and tomatoes on bread…ridiculous.

If you’re a veg, what do you do when stuck in a situation where there are no non-meat options on the menu?