When getting back from drinking a million beers vacation, do this.  It’s what I do, and seems to get me back on that green track I fell off of somewhere in partyland.

(zucchini summer salad x 1,000,000)

You get extra points if you eat your greens on a roof with your friends.  Preferably on an enclosed roof, with a table, with a pretty rad view… dude.   (I don’t know. I’m in a weird mood.)

(green salad & lots of it)

(pinkberry to wean off of the weekend sugar crash)

I should run away for the weekend more often because I get gifts in the form of mini herb gardens from Mom when I return home.  Double thumbs up for fresh herbs.

(mocktails to trick yourself into thinking that you’re still on minivacation… and still drinking)

(quinoa “fried rice” with veggies)

This seems to do the trick.   What do you eat when you come home from vaca? Any weekend detox staples?

You guys.  I can see how many of you are looking at my blog.  I can see how many of you have liked my Facebook page.  One of these things is not like the other. Go like my page or I’ll hunt you down and make you eat gross tofu.  Or something like that.  (Am I allowed to say that tofu is gross since I am a veg? Well, sometimes, it is.)

Ok, good chat.

I’m off to dinner with my frenz.  My little Kathy is back home in NYC for one evening and I plan on smothering her in hugs. K bye!