So this post title is kind of a joke, although Meghan tried to say it seriously numerous times.  This wasn’t so successful as I laughed in her face every time.

But what isn’t a joke, is that this weekend felt like a mini vacation.  I hopped on a train (or 5) Thursday after work with Meg (the trip was accompanied by a few tall boys), as we made our way out to Manasquan, NJ to join a group of our high school friends at their beach house.

Every day went a little something like this: breakfast (and hydrating), beach, beer, swim, beer, shower, beer, get ready, beer, dinner, beer, walk to the bar, beer, beer, pizza, beer, bed.   So as you can tell, we didn’t really drink that much beer this weekend.  It was super relaxing.

It was one of those weekends where you are aware of the fact that you’re young, and you can be a little reckless because, well, just because you can.

Thank you to my purdy friends for hosting me for the weekend.

And thank you for the dangerous strawberry dacquaris, the beach passes, the introduction to Leggett’s, the cake vodka, the bug tacos, the laughs, the Gumby dance move,  the tunes, the “haircuts,” the stranger’s house we ran into during a flash thunderstorm, and of course, all the beers in the world.