Hey, friends. How was your Fourth of Joolai?

I’m glad that this WIAW came on a non-work day for once, because I think it’s important to see that I don’t always eat a salad for every meal. Rabbits have fun sometimes too, you know…sometimes.

Tuesday night, I dragged Jena out to suburbia for some cocktails on my deck.

After Jena left, I got about 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep, which hasn’t happened in about 2 weeks. It was glorious.

Wednesday morning, I went to the gym to pump some iron with Mista Ahnald Swarchenegger himself! my brother. I walked out of the gym with jell-o arms and a renewed sense of self.  I haven’t been to the gym in over a week because of all the last-week-in-NYC hooplah, so it felt good to get my blood flowing.

When we got home, I made myself a broccoli egg white omelet, with two slices of Udi’s gluten free whole grain bread, and some festive berries.

After showering and readying, my parents and I drove to my relatives house for some patriotic celebratin’.  When we walked in, I dove head first into the hummus and pita chips.  Some tequila found its way in there as well.

The rain rained on our parade for a little while, but the sun came out eventually.

Uncle Chris didn’t seem to mind. He was all business with the BBQ.

He loves me so much, that I got a punch in the face for it.

My plate + dessert + thirds + fourths.

Being a vegetarian 90% of the time isn’t generally difficult. Sure, sometimes you might have to order the cheesiest dish on the menu, but you make it work without too much sweat. Being at a BBQ however, I tend to feel like a leper. The essence of a BBQ is grilling; sausages, ribs, burgers, hot dogs (the list goes on), is what it’s all about.  Not being a part of that general sense of welcoming that comes with eating meat can be hard when you’re refusing the biggest component that the party is surrounded by.  You just have to make it work.  Mmmm potato salad and green beans. And TATOR TOTS.

And lookie here!  Mr. Margarine man himself has found a new hydrogenated oil as his next unsuspecting victim. Hide ya kids your fake butters and whipped cream people, he’s coming for your fridge.

It was a relatively tame, yet entertaining Fourth of July.  It paled in comparison to last year with my lobby lobster family, but sometimes hanging out with the real thing can be just as fun.

If you’re a vegetarian, how do you handle BBQs? If not, how do you portion out your eating? I don’t think I went 30 seconds without popping something into my mouth. I had to be rolled out of there.